What is Reiki

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Ancient Egyptian Reiki

“Sekh Em” is the energy from the five elements. They are earth, water, air, fire, and spirit. They are instrumental forces and bring greater stability on emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual health of a human being.

Just as the Japanese Reiki, the Egyptian Reiki is employed in eliminating all symptoms of deep-rooted pain or misery caused by stress and depression.

Joanna Bristow Watkins developed this highly effective method of vibrational healing. He visited Egypt quite for sometime before coming up with this healing system that uses the genuine Khemitian approach.

Patients who will be receiving the therapy needs to obtain a five-minute discussion before the Reiki, and are asked to remove all ornaments or objects, leaving the clothes, that may hamper the curative procedure.

Then the healer initiates the healing process by placing his or her hands at different locations on the patient’s body. But the hands would not touch the body of the patient if the session were to heal bruises or burns.

The session lasts for couple of hours. You may fall asleep during the session and that indicates the body’s natural method of curing.

Egyptian Reiki is slightly different from the conventional forms of remedial therapies because you may experience the results immediately after the first session, which is not the case with other methods. Despite being very much like the Japanese Reiki, this technique helps in dealing with spiritual problems more effectively.

People who have undergone Egyptian Reiki feel a sense of peace and repose within mind after the session is over. Some may have a feeling of warmth or cold, and some experience a surge of emotions.

After the session, the patient may feel an enhanced zeal and enthusiasm and some may feel drained out. Even if the patient experiences the difference just after the first session, the therapeutic process may continue from three days to three weeks. During this period the patient is advised to drink plenty of water and relax as much as possible.

You can cure nagging and chronic pains with Egyptian Reiki quite successful in addition to any other psychological and physical disorders. However, Egyptian Reiki must not be considered as a substitute for medical science.

Egyptian Reiki is entirely safe. Anyone can learn the therapy and help others in curing their ailments.

A person would have to master five levels to become a Reiki expert and having experience in Reiki is not essential as everyone is trained at a level speed.

There is a three-week cleansing session. All through this cleansing process, the person should eat wholesome and natural food, and forget old problems, drink plenty of pure water, and take proper exercise and rest. This prepares one for the subsequent lesson so that in due course one could become a master.

The effect of the degree of the cleansing procedure reflects how it has modified a person and one’s attitude toward life. One needs to be absolutely affectionate, selfless, and sympathetic to serve people with love and sincerity, and this motivation is the proper quintessence of Egyptian Reiki.