What is Reiki

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Reiki Energy

Reiki is an alternative healing practice that has been in use for several centuries. One can define Reiki as an energy force that symbolizes power, or an essence, or maybe a transcendental or universal spirit that heals and cures by touch.

What is it that makes it so special, yet so powerful? Reiki is unique from other forms of alternative healing as the healers use their hands to cure someone of an illness.

Strangely, none, not even the masters themselves can explain fully how this energy works, but they can only describe it as some kind of a connection made with a cosmic radiant energy bestowed upon plants, animals, and other human beings, that can be transferred over distances by actually concentrating on the persons concerned.

The Reiki energy is not sent but drawn through the body channel from the sea of universal vibrant energy. Actually, we all have this vibrant energy within us and all that is needed is an attunement in order to heal themselves or others.

After having attained level one, you will be able to identify problems associated with energy imbalance that will alert you on organic problems in your body or with someone else. Once your level of experience increases, your power becomes stronger and you can now teach others what you have learned and become a master.

Reiki healing is not a process, which is controlled by the mind or some kind of a power that can be controlled by a practitioner. Reiki masters believe that this energy flow comes from the ‘Ki’, which is an energy flow that is present in everyone. By using the power of ‘ki, and letting it touch the affected part, it can heal because of the energy flow in it.

Positive thoughts alone generate a positive energy flow and this is one of the strengths of the Reiki energy. Negative thoughts disturb the healthy flow of positive energy.

Though modern medical sciences still is keen on conducting more research on this form of ‘touch healing’, there have been several instances when this therapy has been practiced on patients awaiting operations to calm their nerves and also to help them heal faster post-operations.

This unique touch heal process, some say, does have an effect on the physical and mental well being of a person. It is not to be confused with any kind of spiritual belief or power.

Those who practice Reiki believe that the aura surrounding this healing method is an extension of the mind that crosses the body barrier. But it must be kept in mind that the Reiki energy flow does not intend to replace conventional medical treatment. It helps the patient to calm and get relief from the problem. However, if doctors suggest an operation as a permanent cure, then it should never be ignored given the proven history and record of progress of medical science.

But in case of a headache, migraine, or fighting stress or any addiction, Reiki energy can help you deal with the problem. You have to think positive and believe that cure is possible with the healing.