What is Reiki

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Reiki Nur Ilahi

Reiki, the age old alternative healing therapy originated in Japan that uses touch of hands. You can learn it from a Reiki master and can become a Reiki expert yourself. Reiki Nur Ilahi, which literally means celestial beam of illumination, is an upgraded version of conventional Reiki.

Reiki Nur Ilahi, which is uttered like Noor ee-loa-hee has eight levels or Magam, which means a status of heavenly achievement of your "consciousness", and those who successfully discover it, can cure psychological, emotional, and bodily illnesses apart from purifying the spirit and soul.

This form of Reiki does not use any particular symbols. The only consideration is that one must be a Reiki expert. This is required because one needs affirmation for proceeding onto the next level. Even after you reach the highest level, there are new Reiki methods that you can study.

Reiki Nur Ilahi’s prime concept is to achieve a synchronous harmony with oneself and the consciousness of God. Only a few institutes are there which teaches this therapy. There is not much information available but only can manage few online resources.

A comprehensive manual of the course will be emailed to the interested learner. He or she can undergo the distant learning course in his or her own pace. After completion of the course certificates will be issued.

You should ask your master at the beginning if this training would permit you to instruct others or would you need to undergo an additional session and pay extra fees for it.

Before joining any such course, you should enquire about the limits or bounds. Will you be able to teach others once you finish the session? Or, will it require going through any supplementary courses to become a master? Will that cost you additional fees? Your instructor should be able to guide you in all these issues.

After successful completion of the course and receiving the certificate, it is good to put Reiki Nur Ilahi into practice with friends who know Reiki, so that, they can act as attunement models on whom you can practice the therapy. You will be able to realize the improvements immediately after the sessions.

Reiki has a higher aim because one not only heals oneself or others but they also serve as a great guide in life. You become a master only after practicing the art for long. Therefore, you always start as a beginner and go on achieving higher degrees to become fully skilled with the powers of Reiki Nur Ilahi.

One should have been mastered by Reiki Nur Ilahi rather than master it. You should absolutely submit yourself to the supreme power and experience the ever-enduring repayments are eternal power.