What is Reiki

Reiki, Reiki symbols, energy, healing, therapy, training etc.

Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols are the most fundamental components of the Reiki therapy, which every Reiki practitioner should know. These symbols are extremely significant for a successful Reiki therapy for physical and spiritual curing.

These mysterious Reiki symbols involved controversies since they originated. They also caused serious confusion among beginner learners as they were introduced to these symbols only after reaching the second level of training. Researchers had to work really hard on deciphering the original Reiki symbols, as every Reiki master came out with his or her own interpretations.

Reiki masters always insisted on having their own form of Reiki symbols for carrying out the sacred healing process. This led to many available versions of the Reiki symbols. Many Reiki masters came out with books on “authentic” Reiki symbols that should be practiced during Reiki therapies, to abate the controversy surrounding them.

This, to some extent, lifted the cover of mystery shrouded around Reiki symbols as it helped beginners to comprehend the meanings of them. But some Reiki masters, who earned their position after practicing the therapy for long, lost their foothold, as now even novice Reiki practitioners could learn the sacred symbols easily.

Symbols used in successful Reiki therapy

There are still various forms of Reiki symbols prevalent that are being practiced in different institutions. But four primary symbols are universal, which are

1. ChoKuRei or the symbol of power: If translated literally, ChoKuRei means “unite all the cosmic powers here”. This symbols is greatly practiced by Reiki masters as it helped to focus the energy for healing a patient. It is used at the beginning of the session to enhance the power and also at the conclusion to protect it from coming out. This symbol also helps in purifying the patient and protecting him or her from mystic attacks.

2. SeiHeKi or the mental-emotional Symbol: SeiHeKi means God and human unite to become one. It is being used to draw a balance between left and right halves of the brain to attain peace and harmony. This symbol is practiced to cure psychological-emotional dilemmas. SeiHeKi greatly helps those having troubled relationships, emotional problems, memory powers, or addictions.

3. HonShaZeShoNen or the distance symbol: This symbol deals in curing problems related to psychology and mental trauma and slowly removes the cause of disturbance. In Kanji script the word literally means five different things. They are source or origin, people, the right or truth, correct or firm, and an idea. This enables Reiki masters to send across positive energy to someone situated at a distance and to revive the energy as needed.

4. DaiKoMyo or the symbol of attunement: It is used in helping learners to reach higher levels of Reiki powers. This symbol is also known as a sign of insight and inner power. This works effectively in purifying one’s mind and body.