What is Reiki

Reiki, Reiki symbols, energy, healing, therapy, training etc.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy is a combination of all other alternative therapeutic methods. It applies little bit of homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, meditation, religious healing, and many such processes to relieve a person in distress.

But, it is the concept of transferring energy to bring equilibrium of forces to regain the balance is what that makes this age-old Japanese therapy unique and immensely popular.

There are some basic effects of a Reiki therapy. They are a sense of intense relaxation, system detoxification, enhancement of the vibration or body frequency, increase in the vigor as a source of healing power, and exclusion of negative energy.

In Reiki, the healer will place his or her hands on the recipient. The patient would lie down so that he or she is relaxed and ready to receive the surge of positive energy transferred by the therapist.

The therapy starts from head and goes down to the feet. The hands ideally should be kept at a distance of two to four inches from the patient’s body. You should tightly lock your fingers to cup your palms and keep the thumbs pulled upward, so that the positive energy from you can flow down to the patient.

For the therapy to work successfully, both the healer and the patient should participate actively. The healer should send the energy and the receiver should be prepared to accept it openly.

The potency of the Reiki therapy will depend on the power of the therapist. There are three grades and you reach the higher grade through greater attunement.

In the first level, Reiki healers learn the fundamental hand positions and sacred symbols so that they can carry out the direct healing on the patient. In the second level, one learns the symbols and position of the hands through which they can perform healing from a distance. In the final level, the healer learns everything about Reiki and can be proclaimed as a master. The healer can then teach others the therapy.

There is no risk involved in Reiki therapy. The receiver can restrict the entry of the positive energy, which will cause no harm to him or her.

Reiki therapy can work along with any other western medication or therapy. It is intended to help patients, especially those who need surgery.

You will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Reiki if you just undergo one session. You should go through several sessions till the time you are completely cured and when your body gets attuned with itself. You can also perform Reiki on yourself to get rid of your day-to-day worries and anxieties to attain a peaceful and happy life with full of peace and harmony.

If you want to learn the Reiki therapy, you can get yourself enrolled in a class organized by some expert Reiki master. For the first level, you will have to go through training for few days followed by a 21-day purification period before you reach the next level. So, prepare yourself by going through the manuals and keep your mind open.

Reiki therapy, nowadays, are offered over postal learning and through Internet. So, it is entirely upon you to openly embrace this alternative healing therapy for overall well being.