What is Reiki

Reiki, Reiki symbols, energy, healing, therapy, training etc.

Reiki Training

Your training for Reiki therapy will be different if you are a beginner than that of someone who has undergone some training earlier. Here, we will discuss initial four levels of the training to give you an idea of the actually happenings.

In the first level, the teacher will discuss what is energy. You will come to know how to explore the energy, and how you feel when it flows through your body. You will also learn the effects of it on you and on others.

For two days, you will be taught four types of attunements. You will be allowed to settle your system into this new space. Once you finish the 21-day purification session, you will find all your negative energies being driven out of your system.

The next level of training should begin at least after two months of competition of the first level. In this session, your vibration level will increase by manifold.

In this two-day training session, you will be receiving another attunement that will further enhance your vibration or frequency. You will also learn three out of four Reiki symbols and how to make them work in the therapy. After this session, you will again proceed for a 21-day purification process to remove negative energy, if you have any left in your system.

Most of the learners do not continue beyond this level, as they are satisfied with whatever they have learned. But if someone wishes to become a master, he or she may continue to the third level.

It is better to wait for six to twelve months before you take on the third level. Once you are ready, you will again go through the process of receiving the final attunement for two days. It will be followed by another 21-day purification period. You may also receive another Reiki system, like the Seichim, which will take you through the final phase.

The fourth and final stage will teach you how to become a master and a teacher, so that you can teach others the Reiki therapy. This step is different from previous three steps, as you will receive the training from a teacher’s point of view.

You can now create your personal lessons and manuals for teaching students. You will also come to know about the limits and principles of a Master Teacher. You may also have to go through a test by conducting a first level training for your future beginner students.

Some institutions, these days, are offering Reiki trainings. However, you can opt for a home-based, distance learning, or Internet-based tutorial for learning Reiki. Just look for the right teacher who will teach you everything you ought to know about this alternative curing technique, so that you get what you paid for.

The classes are never crowded with more than four to eight students. This ensures that you receive personal attention of the teacher along with the manuals you get at the beginning.

Everybody is open to enjoy and embrace the immense potential of this healing therapy. Just keep your mind open and receive the surge of positive energy that will drive away all negative forces from your body, mind, and soul.